In July of 2018 four of my submissions were accepted in to the BYU-Idaho Student Art Show. I was awarded a merit award and prize money for my two traditional medium pieces: My Bauhaus (top left), and "Self-Set" (bottom left).
January - April 2018
The main goal of the course was to gain a better understanding of various artistic media and it's effects concerning style and technique through specified manipulation processes. Focus was giving to creating interesting textures, colors, and images while developing ideas for drawing and painting within our chosen major. 
"Deep red"
Photo-rendered oil painting of a Queen Anne Cherry Cordial
on 9x10 wood panel. 
Oil lift-out on 9x10 wood panel. 
"The Motto"
Photocopy transfer on 9x10 wood panel. 
Acrylic panting on 9x10 wood panel.
(based on an original photo of a toy)  
"Self Portrait 1"
Packing tape acrylic scratch-off
on 9x10 wood panel.  
Acrylic sand-off on natural wood board.
Gouache and gold leaf on 9x10 wood panel.  
"Sayonara Sammy"
Brushed ink and gouache 
on 9x10 mounted watercolor paper.
"Self-Portrait 3"
Gouache and printed ink
on 9x10 mounted watercolor paper.
Ink and gouache wash-off 
on 9x10 mounted watercolor paper.
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