This is a video was a collaboration with Ebrahim Ghaeini. I conceptualized it, hired a writer for the script, and a songwriter for the music. Ebrahim filmed as we co-directed the shoots. Finally I edited the footage with his intermittent assistance. It was entered into a video contest, but did not win. 
The following are a series of Motion Graphics designed for various Purposes. Unfortunatly, not all of them will embed, so their links are listed below:
These Packaging Videos exhibit a project that is currently published on this site. It was a luxury gift box for Dungeons & Dragons players. I Tackled re-branding the company in the process of looking for a better way to package and market their ephemera. The first video is a walk-through of the package. The second is a "user" experiencing the package and the un-boxing for the first time. 
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