Our Art335 Identity Design class was approached by the city of Rexburg to develop a visual style for the “Kids Discovery Zone” they were building that fall. Each member of our class designed a style guide and presented it to client for selection.
I chose to develop a brand that had a dynamic element. I thought it would be fun to have the logo itself be a source of discovery for the children. So I took familiar building block shapes and used adjusted primary colors on multiply to achieve and over-printed look. This also allowed for modular renditions of the shapes to be used as patters in branding, marketing and other materials. 
I also worked to developed an illustration style that implemented the same concepts of color overlay and modular discovery.
I carefully selected a style of photography that I thought would convey the concept of a playful education. I do not have the rights to these images, but used them as examples for what the final photographs should look like in theme. 
In the end, another style was chosen and implemented, but I was grateful for the chance to work on this project and enjoyed everything I learned along the way.
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